The Revenant Movie Trailer

D. Kerry Prior's horror/comedy The Revenant has been making waves on the festival circuit, with rave reviews from a variety of bloggers/critics. It recently screened at Fantastic Fest and now (via Quiet Earth) a trailer has surfaced. Hit the jump to see the trailer and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

The film's official plot synopsis is as follows:

The Revenant is a story about an ancient pestilence recurring to infect modern society.Officer First Class Bart Gregory is killed while fighting in Middle East. His body is shipped back to the United States and laid to rest, but before the lid can be put on his tomb, Bart inexplicably awakens in his coffin and climbs from his grave; confused, horrified–a moldy, putrefying living corpse–a Revenant...In their quest to keep Bart from decomposing Bart and Joey stumble into a solution—a way to obtain blood without taking innocent lives, becoming "The Vigilante Gun-Slingers". But as their macabre crusade continues, they become entwined in an ever escalating cycle of violence, mayhem and ghoulism . . . all while cruising in a 1979 Camaro.

Andrew Mack at Twitchfilm praises the director's work in the film, saying:

The chemistry of the lead actors David Anders [Bart] and Chris Wylde [Joey] and Kerry Prior's comedic writing are key to any success this film musters up. Very much a labor of love of Prior he wrote, produced, edited and directed this feature. Mostly known for his work in special effects on films such as the Phantasm franchise, Bubba Ho-tep and a Nightmare on Elm Street film, too name a few, he's only had one other opportunity to write and direct and that film was called Roadkill, way back in 1996. But here it is his comedic timing and writing that are the big pay off.

Over at Hitfix, Aaron Morgan writes:

Overall this movie is a real gem and deserves a wide release here in the states to shake us out of this remake/retread horror trend. "Revenant" is clever and hilariously dark, and movie fans are starving for this kind of originality to cleanse the pallet [sic] from all the bland genre meals we've been served in theaters over the last few years.

And at Joblo, Brian Kelley raves:

This is the kind of film that deserves to be seen in a large crowd and I hope and pray it doesn't fall victim to the type of distribution hell that landed TRICK R TREAT into the direct-to-DVD road after two years of fan anticipation. Make noise about wanting to see this film and I promise you won't be disappointed when given the opportunity to experience it for yourself. THE REVENANT is flat-out fantastic horror-comedy that is safely mentioned in the same breath as masterpieces such as RE-ANIMATOR.

What do you guys think of the trailer? Is this a movie that you think could do decent box office with a solid distributor?