Awesome New Trailer-Clip Combo For The Toy Story 3D Double Bill

Having seen the newly dimensionalised Toy Story myself I simply have to tell you to go out this weekend and check it out. If you're in the UK, like me, you'll only have the first film available to you; those of you in the US will have a double bill of both 1 and 2. I can't tell you how jealous I am. And I'm not alone in this enthusiasm – both Peter and David have recently made their excitement for the films clear.

After the break, a fun, retro-styled trailer for the double bill that segues very smoothly into a clip. It's a brilliantly chosen sequence that, despite being presented here in 2D by necessity, should go a long way to helping you imagine the 3D potential of these movies.

Here's the clip, courtesy of Moviefone:


And let nobody say that the marketing for Pixar pictures is anything short of stellar.

You probably noticed that the Woody fly-around model that they feature is labelled with '2874593487535,574598'. Any idea what that's referring to? I'd hate to think the kings of the injoke and easter egg settled for nothing more than a string of random digits.

Note how the clip shown bears many of the hallmarks of sequences regularly seen in 3D films – a huge space with objects moving through it in parallax at various distances; clear character and object movement into and away from the camera; fast inward and outward camera moves; even the fairly rare framing that sees characters interact through the plane of the screen, as it were (when Stinky Pete punches Woody and when Woody reacts). Of course, we shouldn't forget that this sequence was originally devised to be seen in two dimensions, not three and not a thing has been changed as you see it here.

All good narrative filmmaking creates a three dimensional space, of course, and Toy Story 2 is nothing short of truly exemplary narrative filmmaking. With their smart and subtle application of the 3D components, Pixar only enhance what was already a living, breathing world that I bought into completely from the very first time I saw it.

I already have the Toy Story films on DVD – twice each, even – but nothing is going to stop me haunting the cinemas while these 3D reissues are on release. Roll on BD-3D, I say.