Casting Notes: Gael Garcia Bernal, Josh Lucas And LeBron James Join New Projects

Huh? LeBron James? Yeah, you read that right. Today might be the slowest news day I can remember in 2009, I'm still not going to break each of these into their own story. Because how much do you really need to know about romances and fantasy basketball movies? Exactly this much.

Not sure we've mentioned Earthbound before; it's the film where Kate Hudson, as a terminally ill patient, falls for her doctor. Nicole Kassell is directing (she made The Woodsman, 2004's hit starring Kevin Bacon as a pedophile) and now Gael Garcia Bernal is likely to co-star. The trade report doesn't mention his role, but if he's playing the male lead (which seems appropriate) I'd just picture Hudson asking, "aren't you a little short to be a doctor?" [Variety]

I know I've mentioned Life as We Know It, because it allowed me to post a photo of Christina Hendricks. Now Josh Lucas has joined the cast as well. He'll work alongside Hendricks, star Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel in the film about two people whose best friends both die, leaving the pair with custody of their friends' orphaned daughter. Might save that one for when I need to fall asleep during a trans-Atlantic flight. [Variety]

And now the big news, which I held for last. LeBron James will play himself in a comedy called Fantasy Basketball Camp, a movie that you probably don't even need to see after reading the all-inclusive title. (Reminds me of the dialogue in Schizopolis: "Overly dramatic statement regarding upcoming meal." / "Oooh! False reaction indicating hunger and excitement!") As if I need to write this out the film is about five guys who live out their fantasy by attending a basketball camp run by LeBron James, who gets dragged into the boring issues they came to the camp to forget. It's like I've already seen the movie. [Variety]