TIFF Video Reactions: Youth In Revolt And Daybreakers

Steve (from Collider) and I usually record our video blog's in separate locations through the magic of the internet, but since we're both attending this year's Toronto Film Festival, we've decided to record some video blogs talking about some of the movies we've seen at the festival. We've tried to keep the video blogs short and to the point, but, as always, it sometimes goes longer than planned. But if you know us, that's to be expected.

Anyway, after the jump you can watch Peter and I talk about the new Michael Cera movie Youth in Revolt and The Spierig Brothers vampire film Daybreakers. We liked both of the films, and you can find out why in the video blogs below. Also, while some movies at the festival won't hit theaters for another year, Youth in Revolt arrives in late October and Daybreakers hits theaters this January.

And one final thing before watching. We both want to give a thank you to Tim Horton's by Union Station for providing the location for our video blogs. While you may not think a coffee shop is the right place to record some conversations about movies, we discovered it works quite well. Especially if you're able to mooch free wi-fi from the building next door....

And with that, we hope you like these two video blogs.

Youth in Revolt