Brett Ratner Directs Hugh Hefner

As you know, Brett Ratner has been developing Playboy, a big screen biography of Hugh Hefner. Announced in 2007, we've heard nothing about this project in a while. This week I came across a new television commercial directed by Ratner, featuring Hefner. Oh yeah, and a dozen Playboy Playmates too. Of course, it's just another one of those hack parodies of the Tom Cruise / Risky Business scene. You wouldn't expect anything really creative from Ratner, would you?

I also discovered some behind the scenes b-roll footage on YouTube, and noticed that Ratner is seen talking on his cellphone while the girls do their thing in front of the cameras. It is unclear if they were actually filming or just doing a rehearsal. For Ratner's sake, I hope it was just a rehearsal. I can't think of anything more obnoxious than a hack director talking on a cellphone during the filming of a scene.

The commercial:

B Roll: