Tron Legacy Challenges The Green Hornet?!

This past weekend Sony revealed that they would be moving The Green Hornet back to December 17th 2010. I had heard rumors that Disney was hoping to release Tron Legacy in that same date, and it looks like Sony's announcement has pushed the mouse house's hand to announce the release information. That's right, as it currently stands, The Green Hornet and Tron Legacy will be hitting theaters the exact same weekend next year, in the 2010 "Avatar slot."

Who will budge first in this game of Box Office chicken? I doubt Disney will be changing their plans, so hopefully someone at Sony has the foresight to see just how much of a potential disaster it would be to come out the same weekend as the much anticipated Tron sequel.

Also scheduled for that weekend are two other 3D family films, The Smurfs (also a Sony release) and Yogi Bear. I wonder if there will be enough digital 3D screens by then to accommodate three big films. There definitely aren't enough screens right now for more than one release. But the amount of 3D capable theaters may explode if Avatar generates big box office dollars.