Defendor Movie Trailer: Woody Harrelson Fights Crime!

Every piece of new material I see from the Canadian homegrown superhero movie Defendor, starring Woody Harrelson and Kat Dennings, has me more interested in seeing it. Peter posted a bunch of photos a while back and I ran a short clip not long after. Now the full trailer has arrived in advance of the film's premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. And yeah, I'm ready for this one. See the clip after the break.

Here you'll see Defendor in action. He's really Arthur Poppington, who becomes a self-styled superhero on the trail of Captain Industry, a drug and weapons dealer who may or may not exist. Defendor wears a costume made of sweat pants and duct tape. His weapons are common items like marbles and lime juice. (How much did I giggle at the delivery from Elias Koteas in the lime juice scene here? A lot. In a good way.) Kick-Ass has one side of the 'what if someone really became a superhero' angle, and this movie plays another.

I love the look of the film; it's low key, not too flashy, and seemingly just interested in getting the ideas across. Peter Stebbings seems to have got some nice stuff going here; I hope the action comes across well, though the focus is pretty evidently on character. And while you could argue that Woody Harrelson is just being Woody Harrelson in Zombieland (based on the trailers) here he looks like he's gone a lot deeper into character.

Peter will be at TIFF starting next week (hopefully I will, too) and if things go well we'll be able to bring back a first-hand report about the film. I know it's easier to get excited about Kick-Ass, which has an established comic book as source material, but I hope people will pay attention to this one, too.

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Trailer Courtesy of Darius Films Inc.