Rob Zombie To Remake The Blob

Just when I was hoping that Rob Zombie would step away from remakes/sequels, and return to direct an original project, we've learned that the rock musician turned filmmaker has signed on to write, direct, and produce a remake of the 1958 horror classic The Blob.

Variety reports that funding is in place to make an R-rated $30 million film, and Zombie will complete the script while he's on tour with his new album this fall. Producers are confident that a distribution deal will be made before the production begins in Spring 2010.

The original film tells the story of people of a small town who refuse to listen to a group of teenagers who witnessed a mysterious creature from another planet land on earth. The ever-growing giant blob of jelly absorbs the humans it contacts and destroys the town.

My immediate reaction is that the story won't work for audiences today unless you made it a period horror-comedy, something like Mars Attacks or Slither. But that is not in the plans. Zombie says he intends "to make it scary," and touts the "freedom" he has been given "to take it in any crazy direction." Zombie was a fan of the original, but has much different plans for the reinvention.  So don't expect a "big red blobby thing" as Zombie says "That gigantic Jello-looking thing might have been scary to audiences in the 1950s, but people would laugh now." The list of producers includes original Blob producer Jack H. Harris.

I'm a fan of Zombie's first two films, but pretty much hated his Halloween remake. The sequel, which hits theaters this weekend, doesn't look any better. I think I'd much rather see him develop an original film than make another remake/sequel.