We Live In Public Movie Poster Features Quotes From Twitter, New Trailer Launched

I'm not sure if the poster for Ondi Timoner's documentary We Live in Public is the first poster to feature quotes from Twitter, but it's definitely the first poster I've seen quoting @ names.

I screened this film at Sundance, but never got the chance to write a review at the time. You can read David Chen's review and interview with Timoner here. Any techie will probably want to check this out. The film tells the story of Josh Harris, an Internet pioneer who was ahead of his time, and founded the Internet's first television network. But most interesting is the section where you learn about this project Harris curated and funded in an underground bunker in NYC where 100 people lived together on camera for 30 days at the turn of the millennium.

Back to the poster, the quotes aren't really from random twitter users (for the most part). For example, @aplusk and @mrskutcher are both quoted, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore respectively. Also on the poster are tweets from Trent Reznor and our friend Scott from WeAreMovieGeeks. You can check out a new movie trailer from the film which appeared today on MySpace. Check out the full poster and new trailer after the jump.

The Poster:We Live in Public PosterThe Trailer: