Zach Galifianakis Guardedly Talks Hangover 2

IGN has a good interview with Zach Galifianakis, conducted recently at the Television Critics Association confab, and he talked a bit about The Hangover 2. Specifically, the comedian sounds like he's not just racing to do the film because he can, which is a relief. His comments and reservations are after the jump.

Hangover director Todd Phillips and his writing partner Scot Armstrong are currently writing the follow-up, and there has been a lot of speculation about where it will go, and whether it could be justified at all. We're not the only ones speculating, as Galifianakis says:

I haven't seen the script. I'm not running to do The Hangover 2. I told Todd, the last thing I want is the Police Academy chain all of the sudden, where I'm only known from... You've got to be careful with something like that. The movie's really good, why bother with a sequel? And I'm not saying that I'm not going to do it. I'm just posing these questions. These are things I ask Todd. Obviously, the reason is executives have Bentleys to pay for. I would love, love, love to work with those guys again. The script has to be good! But I'm working with Todd on a movie we'll be shooting in about six weeks. So I'll do that first, and then we'll see how it goes.

Galifianakis says less about that movie he's doing in six weeks:  Due Date, the other road trip movie he's doing with Phillips. That one got a lot more interesting when Robert Downey, Jr. was added as the guy Galifianakis is escorting across the country. I was seriously ambivalent about the film based on the logline (as I was, I'll admit, about The Hangover) but with those two in the front seats you'd have to be dead not to see the potential.