Good Hair Movie Trailer

Back when Good Hair was first announced, I was elated to see that fellow-Aquarian Chris Rock was making a documentary that attempted to do for black women's hair what Bill Maher did for religion. No more elusive secrets! Put it on the table in daylight and softly poke it with questions for all to see. So awesome. I mean, as the years go by and I casually encounter and work with fewer black people (that's life!), as a white guy I am stricken with the fear that I might never know what is up. I have so many inquiries lingering unanswered and unfortunately Transformers 2 did nothing to curb my desire for first-hand knowledge. And when I type "first-hand," I mean Salt and Pepa discussing "burn" stories. Bonus Prize: Raven from That's So Raven offering an enligtening weave-shift.

"If your hair is relaxed, white people are relaxed. If your hair is nappy, they're not happy" – Paul Mooney

What would Beyonce say? Sell-out. Sell-in: According to a guy in this trailer, the "black hair business" is a $9 billion industry, numbers that put it on par with the porn biz. "I am addicted to the Creamy Crack!" The trailer touches on the subject. "Creamy Crack!" is Urban Dictionary-speak for "relaxer," which, sadly, most likely also needs a UB entry. Just watch the trailer after the jump.

After watching it, I seriously think Chris Rock deserves an auto-Oscar for simply co-writing and co-producing this movie. It's long needed. In high school, a black girl I worked with at Dairy Queen agreed to braid my hair into cornrows. This was pre-Timberlake. It was an informative and hot experience until this dude walked in all-aggro and said, "So, you want to be black, huh?" I was just doing research, man. But, sure, maybe a little. Now I can go watch this movie with a Blizzard in peace.

Good Hair opens on October 9, 2009.