New Extract Clip Online

Miramax and Apple have conspired to make available a new clip from Mike Judge's upcoming Extract. Finally, a chance to use the notes I took on the panel last weekend that somehow never got published! Extract is Judge's return to workplace comedy, and this clip is both a low-key office scene and an introduction to three of the main characters. See the clip and read or avoid some spoilers after the jump.

What you'll see here is basically one of the scenes that shown to Hall H during Comic Con, but it has been trimmed a bit. Some dialogue is gone (will it return for the theatrical? I'd expect so) and a little bit of plot-specific action is also gone. Still, you'll get the basic idea as Jason Bateman has an unexpected meeting with new temp Mila Kunis. You'll get a sense of how dry the movie seems to be, which in my eyes is a great thing. When he's really on, Judge can just let the comedy of a situation sell itself. He does a lot less embellishing than some filmmakers, which makes his stuff seem sparse, but in the long run I think his approach is often the right one.

Here's the spoilers: Judge commented on the character played by Mila Kunis at one point, saying that she's basically a grifter who begins the story trying to get money out of the character played by Clifton Collins Jr, who has been handed a settlement after the workplace accident seen early in the trailer. Kunis defended her character, saying that she's misunderstood and a troublemaker, but going into this clip knowing that she's got some real underhanded intentions will probably cast it in a different light.

Regardless, I really enjoyed the stuff we saw at Comic Con (there were other scenes, though curiously bleeped of cursing, unlike every other panel) and I'm ready for the return of Mike Judge to the workplace. Check out the clip below.