District 9 Promotional Trailer

When I saw a sneak preview screening of District 9 during Comic-Con, Sony asked journalists to lay off the plot details in reaction pieces. Peter Jackson even explained on stage to the crowd of mostly non-journalists, to talk and blog about the film, but to not ruin any of the story points not revealed in the trailers and tv spots. Well, Sony doesn't have to worry about me, or the two guys who were sitting next to me in that dark theater on Thursday night, as we ruined nothing. But they may want to consult someone over at the trailer house which cut this promotional trailer for the film, because it pretty much gives away almost everything (and what it holds back on, or only hints towards, the officially-released production photos gave away long ago).

I'm posting it because 1. It was officially released by the studio, so obviously they think people will see the film after viewing it AND 2. Because I know there are people reading this site now that want to see it regardless of how much plot it may ruin. Bottom line is that District 9 is a good film, and you'll probably enjoy it even if you watch the video below. But some of you might want to keep the viewing experience pure, and go in knowing less. For those of you, you have been sufficiently warned. Enjoy.

Thanks to /Film reader Zach L for the tip.