Go Mad Men Yourself

Joan is giving me the whore-eye but I am too blitzed and blinded by cancerous smoke to care. By my wristwatch (off camera), it's only 10 a.m. inside the offices of Sterling Cooper. Back in reality, the red-hot third season of Mad Men is set to premiere next month, and today AMC launched MadMenYourself.com. It's one of those customizable avatar businesses where man aka "suit" (or woman aka "skirt") creeps into the valley of advertising and becomes one (and hip to boot)!

This feature is already trending with the growing, indifferent '09 masses of funemployed 20somethings. Hopefully AMC goes next level and unleashes a similarly stylish, more-time-wasting MMORPG. The Hot Coffee-incidents would surely be plentiful, albeit excusable for the era, and maybe this time Peggy can party the baby off. If you're wondering who's behind the drawerings, check out the official site of artist Dyna Moe.