Comic Con: Paper Heart Gang To Team Up For Whimsical "Kiddie Show"

There's an upside and a downside to Sundays at Comic Con. The upside is that there's a dramatic drop in the amount of people there, making it easier to roam the show floor without risk of being suffocated between the greasy, sweaty bodies of the multiple thousands of attendees. The downside is that there's not much news to discuss.

That being the case, we thought it best to take some time checking out the lesser known panels at Comic Con, in hopes of being able to draw attention to some worthwhile indie films that deserve all the support they can get. One of these such panels was for Paper Heart, a movie which you may remember reading a fairly glowing review of when Peter visited Sundance early this year.

These two are definitely ones to look out for, which is why I instantly took notice when they announced that their next project would be a whimsical "kiddie show" about the nature of storytelling, with a tone similar to that of The Princess Bride. Considering that Paper Heart features several cute sequences of cut-out puppet dramatizations, this actually sounds like a pretty comfortable fit.

Charlyne also mentioned that she was writing a comic book, which would be about "saving the world against the devil". In it, the protagonist "rides motorcycles, shoots guns, and hangs out with Elvis".

Truly, a woman after my own heart.

You can check out Paper Heart when it hits theaters this August 14.