Comic-Con: True Blood Q&A

The True Blood panel at Comic-Con was one of the bigger ones. Many cast members showed up alongside writer/creator Alan Ball and Charleane Harris, author of the books that led to the show. They seemed grateful for all of the fan response and the packed room. Apparently their panel was in a much smaller space last year since nobody knew about the show.

They showed a short teaser for the rest of season 2, but it was just a quick glimpse. We saw the Texas vampire contingent, Sookie getting into trouble (again), and Jason getting closer to the preacher's wife he's been eying.

  • A True Blood drink is now a reality. It will be a blood orange soda released around September.
  • Michelle Forbes was asked about what makes sci-fi such a breeding ground for strong female characters (of which she's played quite a few). She said that sci-fi allows us to see a more ideal future, and imagine a world that isn't as restricted by normal values.
  • Charlaine Harris mentioned that quite a few scenes in the pilot made her cover her eyes. The show amped up the sex and violence from her novels.
  • Harris also confirmed that she is signed for three more Sookie Stackhouse novels.
  • Alan Ball is excited about adapting the Mississippi Vampires story, as well as making the character Debbie Pelt a reality.
  • There will be no Elvis in the show because it's hard to pull off on TV. Ball argued that it will look very fake, and he thinks it will take us out of the show if they attempted it.
  • The Eric/Sookie/Bill love triangle from the books will happen at some point.
  • Alexander Skarsgard seems to have a very deep understanding of Eric. He doesn't think he's evil, since he's very loyal to the few he keeps close. He's also attempting to save Godrick purely out of love. He seems to grasp the complexities of the character.