Comic Con: Lost Viral Campaigns Continue With And More

Every year, the minds behind Lost find new and creative ways to interact with their viewers. With the final season of Lost coming up, it was only a matter of time before some of these new methods were introduced to the world. And what better time to unveil them than during Comic Con?

You can check out the video (and other info) for yourself at

If you're in desperate need of yet another Lost fix and are interested in participating in this "program", the site has a page informing prospective students of all they need to know:

Enrollment for the first semester of LOST University will be open to all students beginning September 22, 2009. At that time, you will take a placement exam and be given a Student ID, as well as be able to watch your LOST University introductory class, LOST 101. Semester 1 begins on December 8, 2009. Pick up LOST: THE COMPLETE FIFTH SEASON on Blu-rayTM Hi-Def, complete enrollment, and personalize your course schedule as you build credits toward Semester 2... and ultimately, graduation. In the meantime, feel free to browse the online course catalog and get a head start with some of your recommended reading.

Mark your calendars, folks. Enrollment begins September 22.

For all those who aren't interested in participating but are still eager to get their daily recommended value of Lost, the panel also revealed the first in a series of faux Mysteries of the Universe segments featuring The Dharma Initiative. You can check that out at, which will be hosting additional installments over the coming weeks.

Given that Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof said during the panel that the Dharma Initiative would play a less substantial part in the show's sixth season, this is propably a consolation of sorts for fans who have become really attached to Dharma's presence in the show's mythology.

There was also a third viral campaign that was introduced, but it was done so in a much more unique way. Hilarious comedian (and friend of the site) Paul Scheer appeared during the panel's Q&A to profess his overwhelming devotion to the show, culminating in the unveiling of a painting featuring Damon and Carlton hugging a polar bear and giving a thumbs up. Scheer told everyone they should check out the rest of his masterpieces during the month ahead at

It's nice to know that, even in the midst of the show's final and most important season, the show's creators are still able to have a sense of humor about what they do.