Comic-Con: Green Hornet's Black Beauty Unveiled; /Film Interviews Rogen, Goldberg And Gondry

During a special press event that took place after the show floor had been closed this evening, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Michel Gondry, and Neal Moritz unveiled the Black Beauty, the main vehicle in The Green Hornet. As you can see, the final product is classy and old-school, while still possessing the ability to kick every other car's ass. We had the opportunity to chat with Evan, Seth, and Michel and learn some tantalizing new tidbits about their new film. Hit the jump to see the interviews. Be sure not to miss the Gondry interview where exhibit hall security forcibly tries to remove all of us, Gondry included, from the show floor.

A video of the grand unveiling of the Green Hornet's Black Beauty

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Star/Producer/Writer Seth Rogen:

* Turning the story from a "breakup movie" to an origin story and relationship film

* Talking about the film's villain

* Casting Nicolas Cage

* Heavy pre-production

* Losing "700 pounds" to play the role

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Director Michel Gondry:

* How this project is different from the previous incarnation that Gondry was working on years ago

* The film is about the relationship between Green Hornet and Kato

* How Gondry became involved in the newest incarnation

* Gondry talks about directing action

* Security tries to kick Gondry out of the Show Floor

* Gondry says that he will be shooting different characters in different speed ratios

* Working with Rogen and Goldberg on the story

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Screenwriter Evan Goldberg:

* The tone of the film: True Lies with more action

* Designing the car

* Hopes they will have a Kato within a week

* How Stephen Chow left the film

* Stephen Chow's best movies

* How Gondry has influenced the story

* Talks briefly about the villain of the movie