The Highest Paid Men In Hollywood 2008

A couple weeks ago Forbes revealed their yealy list of the top earning women in Hollywood, which revealed the unsurprising statistic that Harrison Ford earned almost two and a half times more than the top earning actress (Angelina Jolie). Forbes Magazine has now published their listing of Hollywood's highest-paid men and guess who made the most amount of money in 2008....

The answer is George Lucas.

The Forbes list includes musicians like Bruce Springsteen ($70m) and Kenny Chesney ($65m) and tv and radio personalities like Howard Stern ($70m), Simon Cowell ($75m) and Dr. Phil ($80m), none of which I really consider "Hollywood," so I've excluded them from the listing below.

1. George Lucas – $170 million

2. Steven Spielberg – $150 million

3. Jerry Bruckheimer – $100 million

4. Jerry Seinfeld – $85 million

5. Tyler Perry – $75 million

6. Dick Wolf – $75 million

7. Harrison Ford – $65 million

8. Adam Sandler – $65 million

9. Larry David – $55 million

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