Video Interview With Moon Director Duncan Jones

Following after the break is a nice, meaty interview with Duncan Jones, conducted in his 'bijou' office in central London. Despite it being quite an unorthodox request, he agreed to meet me there, let me set up the camera and chat casually to him for around an hour about whatever took my fancy, Moon-related or otherwise. One of the things I'm not able to show you in the video is the full shelf of scripts that Duncan has been sent as potential projects and there's no way I could name any of them – well, okay, one of them, because a script for his likely-to-be-next film, Mute was on the shelf too – but I will tell you, any of these films would be blessed to get Duncan on board.

There's a few minor edits in the video – and turnaround time dictated that they had to be conducted at speed, I'm afraid, so don't expect anything fancy. I've clipped out some sections where it was me talking, not Duncan, and I've muted one moment, and it will be obvious why when you see the full clip. There's also a spoiler warning before we go beyond discussing any of the material you could infer from the trailers.

If you're just a news hound and less interested in discussion, be aware Duncan reveals some new Mute details, specifies what we can expect to see in the Moon DVD special features and spells out the situation with Escape From the Deep. Is that enough to convince you to click play?

Moon is currently on a rolling release across the US and launches in the UK on Friday July, 17. Supporting this film is supporting all small film, but also small sci-fi, smart sci-fi, intelligent and ambitious sci-fi. This is the collective audiences' opportunity to redeem themselves for giving Transformers 2 such a boost at the box office.

Through Duncan's grace and humility, this was allowed to be a very candid discussion. I definitely enjoyed it and I hope you find it interesting – and if it convinces you to go see Moon, which you really, really should, then I've achieved what I set out to do.

To keep the file size down sufficiently that I could e-mail it to Peter for it to be embedded on the site, I had to sacrifice a certain amount of quality. Sorry about that – but the audio is still clear and it doesn't look awful. Definitely watchable, and besides, Duncan will draw you in and hold your attention.