LOL: The Hangover Was A Rip-Off Of Dude Where's My Car

Did you notice that The Hangover was actually just a complete rip off of Dude Where's My Car? Well not really, but after watching this cleverly edited video from College Humor, you may be convinced. Check out the video after the jump.

"Dude, what movie did we see last night? We don't know either. It was about a couple guys waking up after a night of getting trashed, only to find they are missing something important. Who was in it, Andy from "the Office"?  Or was it "that" guy from "That '70s Show" and that guy from "American Pie"? What was that movie about waking up with a hangover and wondering where their car was? Oh yeah. That one. But was there a tiger and a baby involved? From the quirky, immature protagonists to the bizarre recollections they go through on their memory odyssey, you'd quickly forget which one is which."

Thanks to /Film reader constantinos for the tip.