Lohan Turned Down The Hangover; Coppola Wanted Scorsese To Direct Godfather 2

Did you know: Lindsay Lohan turned down a role in The Hangover claiming that the script had "no potential." And we've just learned that Paramount Pictures supposedly turned down an opportunity to have Martin Scorsese direct The Godfather 2. Read both of the stories after the jump.

Talk about missteps. Apparently a mutual agent or casting director for filmmaker Todd Phillips originally wanted to cast Lindsay Lohan in the role of the stripper for the Warner Bros comedy The Hangover. According to US Magazine, "The agent tried hard to get [director Todd] Phillips to consider her, "and when he finally agreed, Lindsay said she didn't like the script!" According to the report, Lindsay said the script "had no potential." Phillips went on to cast Heather Graham in the role and the $35 million comedy has gone on to make more than $269 million worldwide, earning acclaim from both critics and moviegoers.

As you probably know, Francis Ford Coppola never wanted to make The Godfather 2, but Paramount pushed him into it. The filmmaker tells Esquire Magazine that "The ending was clear and Michael has corrupted himself – it was over. So I didn't understand why they wanted to make another Godfather." But he told Paramount that he would develop and produce the film if he let this young filmmaker he knew direct it.

"I said, 'What I will do is help you develop a story. And I'll find a director and produce it.' They said, 'Well, who's the director?' And I said, 'Young guy, Martin Scorsese.' They said, 'Absolutely not!' He was just starting out."

Any other movie in the history of the universe, and this would have been considered a colossal blunder. But as we all know, Coppola ended up directing the sequel, which has since been considered one of the best films of time.

And yes, we know this has been reported before in Peter Briskind's Raging Bulls and Easy Riders, but I thought it was a cool fact that most people probably don't know.