Zombieland Set Visit Video Blog

Back in March, Columbia Pictures invited /Film and a few select other online sites to the set of Zombieland, short film and commercial director Ruben Fleischer's feature film debut — a zombie buddy comedy road-trip adventure film.

I'll be completely honest, I wasn't expecting much going in. I mean, what do you expect from a movie titled Zombieland? But what I saw over the course of being on set for 14-15 hours definitely excited me about the production. This is a small film by budget standards, but a large film in scale. They were able to accomplish this by filming in Atlanta Georgia, where new tax incentives have made it possible for Hollywood to film a large scale zombie film without having to make cutbacks on things like the hordes of zombies.

The scene we witnessed being shot took place in a large strip mall store which was recreated to look like a giant supermarket. It's one of those strange Hollywood things where you're walking down the frozen food isle which looks so real before you realize all the boxes are fake. They were shooting a sequence where Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg's character's arrive at the supermarket looking for food, but first must make sure there are no zombies hiding out in the frozen meat section (which of course, there are — as seen in the trailer.

As most of you know, I've been recording video blogs with Steve from Collider for a while now. We were both at the set visit so we decided to record a 30 minute video blog talking about what we experienced and saw on set. To me it seems far more interesting to watch a video of a couple guys talking than reading pages and pages of a set visit report, and I hope you'll agree. Also in the coming days I'll be posting interviews which we conducted on set (unfourtunately in text form). So watch out for those. There will be a couple on the site this morning.

Before you watch the video blow, here is the official plot synopsis for the film:

Columbia Pictures horror comedy Zombieland focuses on two men who have found a way to survive a world overrun by zombies. Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) is a big wuss — but when you're afraid of being eaten by zombies, fear can keep you alive. Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) is an AK-toting, zombie-slaying' bad ass whose single determination is to get the last Twinkie on earth. As they join forces with Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin), who have also found unique ways to survive the zombie mayhem, they will have to determine which is worse: relying on each other or succumbing to the zombies.