Green Hornet Moves To July, Jennifer's Body Gets Rated Bloody R

Columbia Pictures has moved Michel Gondry's The Green Hornet back two weeks from June 25th 2010 to July 9th 2010. According to ERC, the move was made to make room for the studio's Dennis Dugan-directed comedy Grown Ups, which was moved from March 12th to June 25th. But with The Twilight Saga's Eclipse scheduled to hit theaters on June 30th, I'm surprised that Columbia would want either of their films near the tween vampire romance sequel.

And since it was revealed that Megan Fox wouldn't appear naked in the filmed topless scene in the Diablo Cody-scripted horror film Jennifer's Body, fans have been speculating that 20th Century Fox was aiming for a PG-13 rating. I read the initial draft of the screenplay, and I'm not sure that story could be told in PG-13. But fear not, the MPAA has finally spoken. The film is officially rated R for "sexuality, bloody violence, language and brief drug use." Nope, you're still not going to see Megan Fox topless, but at least we'll be getting a bloody r-rated horror film. [Bloody-disgusting]