Jean-Pierre Jeunet's Return: Micmacs A Tire-Larigot International Movie Trailer

I don't put much stock in movie nostalgia, but I still remember how thrilled I was by my first viewing of Delicatessen over fifteen years ago. Even with the weak elements of the movie taken into consideration, the world realized within is still one I like going back to. So I've been eager for actual footage from Micmacs A Tire-Larigot, the first film from Jean-Pierre Jeunet since 2004's A Very Long Engagement. And now thanks to Twitch we have a teaser, after the jump.

The film is being called a satire on the world arms trade. (And hopefully a better one than, say, Nic Cage's Lord of War.) Dany Boon leads the cast as a guy with a bullet in his brain; frequent Jeunet collaborator Dominique Pinon is in the cast as well, alongside André Dussollier, Nicolas Marié, Jean-Pierre Marielle and Julie Ferrier. More important, the aesthetic is pure Jeunet, calling right back to Delicatessen, but with the flashes of more lighthearted imagination that characterized Amelie. Though some of the stuff in the teaser, like the camera/bullet zooming into Boon's head, is fairly familiar at this point, I love the assembled concoction. Even reading the synopsis I have only the vaguest idea what's going on here, but I'm ready for the full thing.

The official, very French synopsis goes like this:

Is it better to live with a bullet lodged in your brain, even if it means you might drop dead any time? Or would you rather have the bullet taken out and live the rest of your life as a vegetable? Are zebras white with black stripes or black with white stripes? Is scrap metal worth more than landmines? Can you get drunk from eating waffles? Can a woman fit inside a refrigerator? What's the human cannonball world record? Find out answers to these questions and more. A comedy in the vein of Delicatessen and Amélie.