Who Will Replace Sean Penn As Larry In The Three Stooges? How About Paul Giamatti?

Last week Sean Penn announced that he would be backing out of the Farrelly Brothers comedy The Three Stooges and another project to deal with family issues. So who will replace Penn as Larry in redo of the famous comedy trio? How about Paul Giamatti?

Over the weekend, The Boston Herald suggested that Giamatti would be good for the part, and Bobby Farrelly admitted to the paper that Giamatti would not only be "a sensational Larry," but they'd "love to have Paul." Unfortunately "an offer" has already been sent out "to someone else." But that doesn't mean that Giamatti is a shoe in for their second choice. The actor, who was also in town at the Nantucket Film Festival with his comedy Cold Souls, didn't seem too responsive to the idea.

"They were always so dark and grim. And Moe was this ancient man with a little boy's haircut. But Larry? I don't get Larry. He's strange. He's sort of the blank guy in the middle."

And while we're in the arena of speculation, I would like to hear who you think would make a good Larry in a the Three Stooges movie. Leave your choices in the comments below!