Geek Deals: $10-13 Blu-Ray Sale; Lost On DVD For $17.49, Complete Seinfeld Fridge Set $100

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Amazon is having a sale on select Blu-Ray movies:

  • $10: The Descent, Reservoir Dogs, Trans-Siberian, American Psycho
  • $11-11.49: Enter the Dragon, Sukiyaki Western Django, Dreamgirls (2 disc edition)
  • $12: Saw, Saw II, Oceans Twelve, Eyes Wide Shut, A Scanner Darkly, The Bank Job
  • $13: V For Vendetta, Million Dollar Baby, Shoot Em Up, Be Kind Rewind, The Boondock Saints, Dark City (Director's Cut), Superman: The Movie, Halloween (1978), Blazing Saddles, Evil Dead II, Flags of Our Fathers, Ocean's Eleven, Unforgiven, The Terminator, Good Night Good Luck.
  • Best Buy has the first three seasons of Lost on DVD for $17.49 each. Select in store pickup to save on shipping.Best Buy is also selling the Seinfeld: The Complete Series Exclusive Limited Edition Refrigerator Box Set for $99.99, which is about 50% off the retail price.