Spielberg Has "Cracked The Story" Of Indiana Jones 5

The Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen team are in the UK, to premiere the film and plug the mercy out if it. My own video from the London press day is coming soon, but in the meantime, the BBC have popped their own interviews online and, by the by, broken a story on the next Indiana Jones film.

Newsround presenter Lizo Mzimba squeezed Shia LaBeouf for some details on his upcoming projects and according to the sometime Jones Jr., Steven Spielberg has "cracked" the story for the next movie and is "gearing that up".

There's been a long standing rumor that Spielberg and Lucas are planning a hand-down of the torch from Harrison Ford to Shia LaBeouf, a rumor that started before part four yet still stands. How true that story is I have no idea, however, but I'm not exactly keen on the idea. For an Indiana Jones skeptic like myself, Ford's winking charm is one of the most enjoyable ingredients in the series and I don't know how much I'd care about a revision of the recipe that didn't include it. Shia seems to be growing out of his particular charms, I think. He was a perfectly good nervy-awkward teenager, but I don't know where he goes from here.

I'd argue that Raiders of the Lost Ark has, overall, a pretty nifty plot that moves along swiftly enough and criss-crosses itself in some very pleasant ways. Film by film, however, the Jones plotting seems to have become weaker and weaker until Crystal Skulls ended up quite lumpy and full of ludicrous conceits. From LaBeouf's comments there's no way of telling if Lawrence Kasdan has been involved in the seeding of film five, but I wouldn't bet on it. A crying shame.

Many criticisms of the fourth film expressed a disgust at the inclusion of aliens, these being seen as a serious betrayal of the kind of maguffins included in the original trilogy. Okay, fair enough – but what maguffin would you like to see in part five then? What would get things back to the old ways?