Tony Scott Talks Future Projects, Including The Warriors And Alien Prequel

As he's out promoting The Taking of Pelham One, Two Three, which opened yesterday (and which spawned a great piece by Dave Chen comparing this remake with the original) Tony Scott is inevitably talking up future projects. He's got a lot on his slate: the potential Alien prequel (as a producer) and The Hunger sequel, The Warriors remake, a film based on Hunter S. Thompson's Hell's Angels book, and a few other things. Coming Soon and CinemaBlend got a raft of quotes from the producer/director. Check out the slate after the jump.

The Alien prequel: "I'm going to call a time out on that one," Scott said when asked about the picture, and Fox's insistence that his brother Ridley direct. "I don't want to get caught in the middle. We're in process on that, but I don't have enough information to bring it to this table, but we're going to make it."

The Warriors: Ah, more on my favorite, what does he call it..."retooling"...of a movie which "doesn't stand up very well."

"L.A. is now the city of the future," Scott told CinemaBlend. "If it's the Warriors, it's sunset and it's quiet. I've got a whole different feel. I'm letting it breathe in a different way." The big gang meeting, for which Scott has said he wants thousands of real LA gang members, will take place on the Vincent Thomas Bridge in Long Beach. "...then Cyrus goes bang. It's almost like 9/11, bodies coming off, it just goes ballistic. Then these guys have got to get from the Vincent Thomas back to Venice, through all these different gang territories. And it becomes anarchy." Check ComingSoon for more grandiose plans for working with the gangs. So what's the status? "I can't get the script right," he says. "I've been struggling to get the script. I've been wanting to make this movie for ten years now, and now I've got all these gang members." Please excuse me while I celebrate that statement for a moment.

Hell's Angels: Of all these projects, this is the one that frightens me the most. It's based on the Hunter S. Thompson book about the biker gang, which became one of the early defining pieces of the New Journalism that combined memoir with on-site reporting. There are too few good Thompson adaptations, and this is a seminal story. It needs to be treated as such, and not made into Domino with more bikes and less Kiera Knightley. "I've owned the Hunter Thompson book for 12 years and Steve Gaghan is writing the script right now." Gaghan is a good move, so we can perhaps leave the dial set on 'very cautiously optimistic'.The Hunger sequel: This has been discussed for years, and still seems like a weird move. "I'm not going to tell you how we're doing it, but I'm controlling it and it's gone to the next level," Scott said of the project, which is being written by Erin Wilson. "It's not a reinvention or reinterpretation, it starts in New York and it ends up in Sao Paulo, so it's a very different movie, but it springboards off the original." No comment on whether any of the original cast would return.

Head to Coming Soon to read more about other projects including Potsdamer Platz, possibly with Mickey Rourke, Emma's War and Unstoppable, to which Denzel Washington is attached.