Fox Wants Ridley Scott To Direct The Alien Prequel, And Not Carl Erik Rinsch

Last month is was revealed that commercial director Carl Erik Rinsch was attached to direct a remake of Alien. We have since learned that it is more of a prequel than a remake. I was one of the few people actually interested in Rinsch's involvement. Rinsch's commercials show an amazing sense of imagination, visual effects artistry and composition (we've profiled his amazing commercials on the site). Ridley Scott is said to be involved with producing the sequel, which leads us to believe it, at very least, has to be better than the last two Alien vs. Predator films. But apparently 20th Century Fox isn't happy with the choice of director.

According to Entertainment Weekly (via playlist), Fox has yet to approve Rinsch for the prequel, even though Tony and Ridley Scott have given the filmmaker final approval. Fox apparently wants Ridley to return to helm the movie, which seems very unlikely at this point. To complicate things further, EW claims that Rinsch is not only Scott's protege, a commercial director for Scott's company RSA, but he is also romantically involved with Ridley's daughter Jordan. So basically, he's "in the family."

I'm not sure that Rinsch will produce an Alien film on the level of Scott's original or James Cameron's sequel, but I do know that he's better than 99% of other possible choices. Fox needs to learn to give their "artists" more creative control. The movie studio's constant "micro-managing" and "second guessing" has been blamed for the studio's trail of lackluster film releases.

seems like a good horse to bet on, and with the Scott's at the helm of the ship, why not just step back and see what the talented artists might develop?