Box Office: Land Of The Lost Disappoints, Up And The Hangover Battle It Out For #1

Steve Mason has checked in with the Friday night box office estimates. Pixar's Up might end up winning the weekend, adding another $13.5 Million on Friday for an estimated $45 Million 3-Day. The Hangover took in an estimated $17 Million on Friday, headed for #2 for the weekend with $44 Million. The real loser this week is Land of the Lost, which made an estimated $8 Million on Friday, and is expected to end the weekend with only $23 Million. The movie was made for over $100 million. Star Trek remains in the top five, while Drag Me To Hell falls to #6 in the film's second weekend. Full Box office estimates after the jump.Up $13.5M Fri, $45M 3-day, $138M cumeThe Hangover $17M Fri, $44M 3-day, $44M cumeLand of the Lost $8M Fri, $23M 3-day, $23M cumeNight at the Museum 2 $4.5M Fri, $14.8M 3-day, $127.5M cumeStar Trek $2.5M Fri, $8.5M 3-day, $222.9M cumeDrag Me To Hell $2.6M Fri, $7.6M 3-day, $28.8M cumeMy Life in Ruins $1.25M Fri, $4M 3-day, $4M cume