VOTD: "I'll Be Back" The Terminator Love Song

We somehow missed this music video when it was released last week. Mark Lee had the idea of doing a schmaltzy Terminator love song, in the style of "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" or "Everything I Do (I Do It For You)." Watch the video and read the lyrics after the jump.


I'm sleeping alone on this cold concrete floor

Another sad night in this sad robot war

On Judgment Day man and machine did collide

But even though billions of people have died

Somewhere out there tonight

You're hugging your rifle so tight

I'll find you, somehow, someway

In the rubble that once was L.A.

I'll be back, no man no machine

Can keep me from you, I'll always be true

I'll be back, to finish the fight

And say "hasta la vista" to this lonely night

This vow I must take:

No fate but what we make

I'll be back

Dogs they are barking, I know something's wrong

He barely speaks English, his accent's so strong

The cyborg attack took us by surprise

All the silvery skulls with their glowing red eyes

Skynet has torn us apart

And Judgement Day's broken my heart

But I've got so much to give

Come with me if you want to live


I'd travel through time just to hold you again.

I'd take on a world of mechanical men.

Tonight Hunter-Killers keep watch from above

But nothing can Terminate our love.


source: overthinking it