/Film Welcomes A New Blogger: Russ Fischer

/Film is proud to announce that we're adding another blogger to our ranks: Russ Fischer.  Those of you who read movie news and opinion online may have seen Russ's work over at CHUD, but he's also written for a myriad of other sites and publications, including the prestigious AV Club. In addition, Russ has previously appeared on /Film's movie podcast, to rave reviews. Russ's work is of the highest quality and his breadth of film knowledge is both intimidating and unmatched. His passion for film has helped to direct me to some more obscure (but still excellent) fare, such as Nicholas Winding Refn's Pusher trilogy. No doubt his writing and his interests will do similarly stoke the enthusiasms of /Film's readers as well. Here's Russ's bio:

"Russ Fischer grew up on the cardinal points of North America — Northern California, West Texas, Boston and Alberta — which means he doesn't really belong anywhere. No surprise, then, that he turned to media: books and music, video games and, above all else, film. After spending years working in Boston's film production community, mostly in the props department, Russ lit out for Atlanta and became a writer. As a freelancer, he's written for a diverse group of outlets: Yahoo, Spin, XXL, Giant, Laptop Magazine and Popular Science are just a few. Currently he covers video games for the Onion's AV Club and Crispy Gamer, and has been a part of the movie-loving team at CHUD.com for the past five years. He'll argue the points of any Cronenberg movie to anyone, can recite most Twin Peaks episodes (even the bad ones) and thinks that the world would be a little more perfect if there were more great heist movies."

Russ will begin helping us out with daily news updates starting next week, but you can follow him on Twitter right now. Please join me in welcoming him to /Film!