Lemony Snicket Sequel Is Still Possible

When the big screen adaptation of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfourtunate Events was released in 2004, the plan was to produce more films based on the best selling children's book series. But the film was not as successful as the studios had hoped, only becoming profitable on DVD. CineFools talked with Land of the Lost director Brad Silberling, who says there is still hope for a sequel.

"It was a co-production between Paramount and Dreamworks and there were studio politics and I actually think it's going to see the light of day," Silberling told cineFools. "[Name removed] and I, he's the writer of... is very friendly with Mr. Snicket I should say, we stay in constant touch about it, because I would love nothing more than to do that and we've been hoping to, so I think there will be a chance it may take a wildly different form but I think it will probably happen."

I actually quite enjoyed the clever and dark children's tale, and would love them to explore some of the storylines after the first three books. And heck, its not like Jim Carrey has anything better to do.