Fanboys 2: Attack Of The Clones?

Dan Fogler tells moviehole that director Kyle Newman has an idea for a Fanboys sequel that would see the characters from the first film to go on mission to crash the set of Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones in Australia.

"If he could come up with the right script, and get everyone together again, I would definitely do it."

I'll admit it — Fanboys is not a good movie, but I kinda enjoyed it. One thing is certain, the film should have could have easily made 15 times more than it did at the box office, but studio tinkering, release date delays, horrible marketing and a small limited 44-theater release resulted in little more than $688,000 domestically.

And Fogler suggests that if "you want to do it right," they would need to "do it independently", which is another way of saying "no studio in their right mind would fund a sequel to such a huge box office failure. I doubt we'll ever see a Fanboys 2, and I don't think the idea of transplanting the adventure to Attack of the Clones-era Australia would do that much for the story.