Terminator Salvation Makes $3 Million At Midnight

Wednesday night midnight screenings of Terminator Salvation have made an estimated $3 million, an an unknown amount of screens. The film is playing today at 3,580 play-dates, and will be adding 50 more on Friday.

It will be interesting to see if the negative critical reaction will hurt the film (I doubt it will). So far the reaction of general audiences has been pretty positive, showing one of the biggest divides in critic/audience reaction of the year so far. You can check out some of the general audience comments on our feedback post or on Twitter.

Steve Mason is predicting that the film will make $70 million in the first five days of release, falling short of Night at the Museum 2's expected $75 million. Star Trek will likely take another $40 million while Dance Flick is expected to make $14 million (which is about $14 million more than it should make)