What Are Your Most Hated Uses Of CGI In Movie History?

In this week's episode of Totally Rad Show, Alex Albrecht went off on a mini-rant about the use of computer generated backgrounds in Angels & Demons (I've embedded a clip after the jump).

Due to the controversial nature of the book, the Vatican wouldn't allow Ron Howard to shoot the film in many of the locations featured in the novel. Instead of constructing large sets based on the actual locations, some of the movie was shot on green screen stages. The computer constructed backgrounds left a lot to be desired. Would the film have been good if they had shot on location or on constructed practice sets? Probably not, but the backgrounds wouldn't have distracted the audience from the story going on in the foreground.

Discuss: So I'm wondering, what are some of your most hated uses of CG in movie history? Good movies ruined by bad CG or just unnecessary CG that took you out of the story...