Gooby Movie Trailer (A Kid's Movie About The Bear In The Shining?)

What kind of slimy creature passed for human long enough to make this film? I would not be surprised if the director died recently of perversion withdraw. People keep emailing me this trailer because they think it is funny. No. It's disturbing. It's sick. What is Gooby? Gooby is the fucking thing you see above, a furry figment in the "very active" imagination of a young boy named Willy.

As seen here, Gooby is constantly blowing the mind of Eugene Levy, so much so that his hair stands up like Wolverine's. Gooby is voiced by the guy who plays Hagrid in the Harry Potter franchise. But who really plays Gooby? Who is the Prowse to the Earl Jones? A sick man, and a furry enthusiast no doubt. In fact, every time I view the trailer in horror, I'm more convinced that Gooby is actually the bear-man from The Shining. Comparison photo—as seen daily in the sick halls of Tumblr, obvi—after the jump. And the trailer for Gooby, of course, which should given to the FBI.

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