LOL: McG Calls Off Dick Measuring Contest

Terminator Salvation director McG and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen director Michael Bay have been going back and fourth, in a friendly feud about big summer blockbusters with big giant robots. In April, things were taken to the next level when McG challenged Bay to a dick measuring contest.

"Michael Bay has a big c**k," McG told Details Magazine . "But I'd like to believe mine is bigger." McG smiles. "If he's up for it, we can both reveal ourselves on the Spartacus steps at Universal and put the question to rest."

Now that Terminator Salvation is about to hit theaters (ie the big reveal), McG has called off the "My robot is bigger than your robot" contest, stating the obvious — that he was just being ironic.

"That was lost immediately and people gravitated to two spoiled brat directors think they have big c**ks," McG said. "Nothing could be further from the truth," McG tells E! "The funny thing is, I have an Irish curse and I think we're all familiar with exactly how [I'm endowed]."

Wow... more information than we  needed to know...