The Wolfman Is Getting A New Action Scene

A new action scene is being prepared for Joe Johnston's Wolfman, and according to Dark Horizons reader Glenn, the legendary second unit director and stuntman Vic Armstrong is involved. Those reshoot alarm bells might be ringing, but at least we've got a true pro like Armstrong in control.

Armstrong was appearing as a guest at the BFI Southbank's James Bond marathon last weekend when he let slip some details on the sequence. There's enough information to suggest this is spoiler material – indeed, it might contain a serious reveal – so do feel warned before leaping over the break.

According to Glenn, Armstrong and team have been working six day weeks on this new sequence. Here's what he says goes down:

[It's a] fight scene between two werewolves involving a fair amount of CG with them going up the walls and other bits of business.

Two werewolves? Okay. That could either mean that the villain is revealed as being lycanthropic or, for that matter, that a second werewolf is at some point put into the position of antagonist. Least likely of all is that the film pits wolf against wolf from the beginning. My hunch is that these wolves are the Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins characters, but Armstrong never specified.

Armstrong's part in this sequence isn't clear. He may be directing it in his second unit helming capacity, he may be co-coordinating the stunts, but I wouldn't expect that, at his age, he's out there on the ropes and pulleys in person. What also hasn't been clarified is who else has been involved in creating the sequence. Here's Glenn again:

He didn't mention whether Joe Johnston was there or not, he did mention Benicio's name but wasn't specific about whether he was involved or not in this shoot.

I'm still mourning for the Wolfman film we almost had. Until rather close to production, Mark Romanek was directing, before he departed over budget-based disagreements. Then the rumours started to surface that Rick Baker's practical wolfing FX were being underused with fanboy baiting CG being exploited instead. My hunch tells me that we'll all be mourning those possibilities when this movie finally rolls out in November.