Iron Man 2 Set Photo: Robert Downey Jr In The Suit

[No photo]

Last night we wrote about Iron Man 2 shooting at Randy's Donuts in Inglewood, a famous LA landmark. Samuel L Jackson, reprising his role as Nick Fury, bursts onto the scene and begins yelling up to Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr), who is laying in the middle of the gigantic donut on the roof. has gotten a photo of Downey Jr dressed partly in his Iron Man gear, laying in the donut hole in between shots.

My good friend Vic at Screenrant is an Iron Man fanatic, and provides some observations about Stark's new armor:

"The gauntlets are much beefier on top of his hands, there are some gold highlights in the rib cage area and the chest piece looks redesigned as well. Looks like the tricep area is beefed up along with the shoulders, too, giving the impression (to me, anyway) of a more powerful armor."

I expect Marvel and Paramount release an official photo of Downey Jr in the suit as location shooting is expected and more set photos are enevitable. The best way to combat this is to release something official.