TV Buzz: The Office UK Coming To [Adult Swim]. Insane Trailer For Totally For Teens.

On May 20th, [adult swim] is scheduled to announce new shows and give a thorough update on its eight-hour programming block. TV Barn recently paid a visit to the mythical Williams Street office in Atlanta, where [as] founder Mike Lazzo let it be known that he's acquired the UK-version of The Office: "That's a done deal. It's happening. ...The only thing I don't know is when to put it on." The rather awesome acquisition follows in line with [as]'s recent importation of British comedy series The Mighty Boosh and the utterly craze Look Around You. Moreover, it's yet another live-action addition to a nocturnal line-up built on signature, subversive, stony animation.

An upcoming [as] program that I eagerly anticipate sliming my mind and hundreds-of-thousands of others is entitled Totally For Teens. Numerous trailers for it—think '80s after school specials suitable for Videodrome's Civic-TV or 4chan—have hit the web, but the latest was too damn amazing not to share. Take a look and have your egg fried after the jump...

Totally For Teens is a collaboration between former producer of The Daily Show Ari Fishman, Wonder Showzen's Vernon Chatman (Towelie on South Park), and Derrick Beckles. Beckles serves as the host of the show within a show, and is best known for being one of the faces of The Truth campaign, and for the underground sensation that are his TV Carnage DVDs.

Also, if you ever wondered what the inside of [as]'s HQ looked like, check out this video that includes the "Clairvoyant Sleeping Cat" Zoltar machine that made an appearance at last year's Comic-Con. And a Family Guy pinball machine that gets more play than Carl Brutananadilewski.