More Photos From The Lovely Bones

Those of you who stepped out and snapped up the 20th Anniversary issue of Empire will already have seen the latest – and indeed, greatest – images from Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones. For those of you no lucky enough to live 'over here', the good news is that some industrious souls have scanned those pages and posted them online.

After the break, a look at a couple of these images – but, really, do seriously consider shelling out for the actual magazine. For one thing, there's so much in there, and only a certain amount of it is going to ever roll up online.

Here's Saoirse Ronan as Susie Salmon:


And here's Susie and her Grandmother, as played by Susan Sarandon:


At the head of the post, you can see Mark Wahlberg as Susie's father. Notice the ship in a bottle – you would also have seen one in the image of heaven released previously.

As well as the images (one of which I have not reproduced here – go buy the magazine), Empire have provided some good quotes and information about the film. Perhaps the crucial bit revealed is that the film is fully finished and only postponed until December to make the film more typically-positioned for awards hoopla. I was also much pleased to learn that the whole film has been scored by Brian Eno. Some Eno tracks were specifically named in the script but I never dreamed we'd get him composing the entire soundtrack.

All looks great. Perhaps Jackson will finally have made a film better than Heavenly Creatures...? I do dare to hope.

Conflicting reports from a test screening of the film have been published on Aint it Cool. The positive report doesn't seem to me to have as many odd gaps and weird notions as the negative one.

Via: The Access Saoirse fansite.