Robert Rodriguez And Ethan Maniquis To Direct Machete

Earlier today it was confirmed that Robert Rodriguez would be developing/directing a reboot of Predator titled Predators. We speculated that Rodriguez's next film would be the futuristic action thriller Nerveracker which has an announced 2010 release date, but Variety reports that Rodriguez will be returning to the Grindhouse before he goes to the future.

That's right, Rodriguez will finally be directing a feature length version of Machete, based on the mock trailer that was attached to Grindhouse. And by directing, I mean co-directing. Rodriguez wrote the script and will direct the movie with his longtime editor Ethan Maniquis.

Danny Trejo will reprise the title role, which he played in the original faux trailer. Rodriguez penned the script a while back and has been waiting for an opportunity to make the movie. The film is being financed and produced by Overnight Productions, and Rodriguez is hoping to begin production in Austin in June. It isn't clear if the movie will be released direct-to-video or have a small theatrical release.