Transformers 2 Trailer To Premiere In 20 Cities

Paramount Pictures will be premiering the new trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in 20 select markets on April 29th, attached to a one-time screening of Michael Bay's 2007 film Transformers.

Better yet, the movie will be presented in IMAX in the five top markets: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Toronto. No word on if the new trailer will also be presented in IMAX at the selected theaters, but if it is, it might be the first time we see Transformers footage, shot in IMAX, on the IMAX screen.

Full list of cities/theaters after the jump.

Los Angeles: 7pm at The Bridge Cinema De Lux, in IMAX

New York: 8pm at AMC Loews Lincoln Square in IMAX

San Francisco: 7pm at AMC Metreon in IMAX

Chicago: 8pm at Navy Pier in IMAX

Toronto: 7pm at Scotiabank in IMAX

Philadelphia: 7pm at UA King of Prussia in DIGITAL

Washington DC: 7pm at AMC Georgetown in DIGITAL

Dallas: 7pm at Studio Movie Grill Royal Lane in 35MM (UPDATED)

Boston: 7pm at AMC Boston Common in 35MM

Phoenix: 7pm at Harkins Tempe Marketplace in Tempe in DIGITAL

Seattle: 7pm at Cinerama in 35MM

Atlanta: 7pm at Regal Atlantic Station in 35MM

Miami: 7pm at AMC Sunset in South Miami in 35MM

Detroit: 7pm ar Emagine Novi in Novi, MI in DIGITAL

San Diego: 7pm at Regal Edwards Mira Mesa in 35MM

Denver: 7pm at UA Colorado Center in 35MM

Sacramento: 7pm at UA Market Square in 35MM

Orlando: 7pm at Premiere Fashion Sq Mall in DIGITAL

Minneapolis: 7pm at AMC Southdale in Edina in 35MM

Baltimore: 7pm at AMC White Marsh in 35MM

So you're probably wondering how you can attend one of these special events. Well, I don't have the details just yet but I do know that you'll need a ticket. I believe that Paramount will be opening up a website in the next few days, maybe even tomorrow, where fans will be able to RSVP on a first come first serve basis. We'll post that information when it becomes available, but tickets are sure to go quick.