LOL: Well Duh! Cardiologist Calls Crank 2: High Voltage "Implausible"

The Guardian asked Cardiologist Simon Grant to review Crank 2: High Voltage from the logistical point of view. The resulting technical critique is actually rather amusing. Here is an excerpt:

"Artificial hearts are pretty poor, primitive devices. They supply enough cardiac output to keep you slowly plodding around, but they certainly don't allow for martial arts and sprinting. Overcharging them won't give you super-speed, either."

The doctor admits that real artificial hearts work on the same principal shown in the film, power is transferred to the machine through your skin. However, shocking yourself with a taser of car battery is "more likely to fry the electrics" than power the device. He calls the heart surgery in the beginning "implausible in the extreme" and a transplant would require a tissue-type match. Read the whole article on The Guardian's website.