Brett Ratner Says Trump Heist Might Be Next

Movieline caught up with hack director Brett Ratner and was able to get "The Rat" to go on record about the many films listed on the director's Internet Movie Database page. As suspected, most of them aren't happening or are in early stages of development.

But the film Ratner claims is the "closest to getting made" is Trump Heist. The action crime comedy tells the story of a bunch of employees of the Trump Tower who conspire to rip off the building's residents. Eddie Murphy is signed to play the leader of the crew of con artists and Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle and Chris Tucker are reportedly in consideration to join the cast. Ratner just hired Ocean's Eleven scribe Ted Griffin to re-write the script.

The Blue Blood television pilot wasn't picked up by NBC, and the Brazilian music documentary Carnavale 3D was offered to Ratner years ago by Quincy Jones, but Ratner claims he was never involved in the production. The Guitar Hero movie? A rumor run wild.

On Conan: "We're just budgeting the script and trying to figure out when's a good time and where to shoot it. It's kind of a global landscape."

On If He'll direct Beverly Hills Cop 4 After Conan: "I don't know. I'm developing the script."