Errol Morris To Make Second Non-Documentary Film

Update: I have been quickly corrected. This is not Errol's first non documentary film. He directed a mystery film called The Dark Wind in 1991.

One of the best documentarians in the history of cinema has announced that he will be making his first second fictional feature film, kinda. Errol Morris, who won an Academy Award for Fog of War in 2003, has signed on to direct the Untitled Cryonics Project for Mandate Pictures. The film isn't entirely fictional. Based on Robert F Nelson's memoir "We Froze the First Man" and a story which aired on NPR's This American Life titled "You're as Cold as Ice," Stranger Than Fiction screenwriter Zach Helm was brought on board to pen the adaptation.

The dark comedy, set in the 1960's, tells the true story of a television repairman who who joined a group of enthusiasts who believed they could cheat death with a new technology called cryonics. But as Variety puts it, "freezing dead people so scientists could reanimate them in the future turned out to be harder than Nelson thought." You can listen to the story which ran on NPR on I'm very interested to see how Morris does with a non-documentary narrative feature.