Dailies From Joel Schumacher's Creek Show Up Online

Joel Schumacher's Creek – which I thought was still called Town Creek, until Quiet Earth told me otherwise – is completed and ready to roll out, though I'm yet to see that any trailer or other marketing materials have been issued. Curiously, however, a series of dailies for the film have turned up online and been discovered by the aforementioned QE team.

The most striking element is Darko Suvak's cinematography, which continues Schumacher's recent trend of collaborating with exiting directors of photography from John Mathieson to Matthew Libatique. While the shots are edited together in some sense, this could in no way be seen as a polished assembly. It certainly makes the film look a whole lot more appealing than I'd ever have imagined – see for yourself after the break.

Here's over 3:00 minutes of the film which, unsurprisingly, contains some spoiler material.

Now, this isn't a leak on a par with Wolverine but I don't think things like this are really supposed to find their way onto the internet. On the other hand, this could be one of the best viral campaigns in recent times – it certainly creates intrigue for a Joel Schumacher picture which isn't the easiest thing in the world.

Here's a plot summary for the film, in case you've never even heard of it: A man and his brother on a mission of revenge become trapped in a harrowing occult experiment dating back to the Third Reich.

I want to know more. Incidentally, screenwriter David Kajganich is the man scripting the in-development new film of Stephen King's It.

You may have recognised Dominic Purcell, Henry Cavill or Michael Fassbender in the clip (well done, Joel – that reads like a real promising set of leads) but probably didn't recognise Emma Booth. That was her at the window, I believe. Amusingly, she's also taken on the role of Germaine Greer for Hippie Hippie Shake. Man, I love to see actors pretending to be real life public figures. What does that say about me?