Rob Zombie Posts First Official Image Of Mike's H2 Shatner-Face

Rob Zombie is now through with his principal photography on H2 (a prequel to H20 and sequel to... er... H, non?) and is up to his beard in post production. Between now and the film's release on August 28th, I dare say we'll be seeing a lot more controversial material from the set and playing host to a lot more heated debate.

And why shouldn't we get stuck in today, eh? Will give us all something to do on the holiday weekend anyway. Below the break is a nice big officially released picture of Michael Myers modeling his William Shatner mask from the last installment, courtesy of Zombie's MySpace page.


Don't forget – this mask is going to get ditched in favor of an ol' dirty bearded look, and then towards the end of the film, another mask that, apparently, is very cool. Could that mean a Leonard Nimoy mask? A Chris Pine mask? No... hang on... I've got it. He's gonna wear the mask out of the Scream films. Can you imagine the bunfight that Zombie and Dimension could kick start with that gambit?

I'd argue that John Carpenter's Halloween is a truly incredible film, while the first two sequels are entertaining, occasionally daft diversions. The remainder of the first run was a sad, embarrassing waste of time and, to give Zombie his due, his film quite effortlessly trumped the lot of them from Halloween 4 onwards – even if you add them all together. His vision for the series is definitely idiosyncratic and, if you ask me, invention is infinitely preferable imitation. A shame, definitely, that Zombie hasn't so far really shown the ability to craft films that live up to his ambition.

I think the first Scream is really the only slasher film since Carpenter's Halloween to stand up to it, though Slasher-adjacent fare such as Hostel, Otis, May and Silence of the Lambs definitely make my crucial list too. There's one thing that always seems to be true for a slasher film and that's that there's an audience out there, hungry and waiting. It was with this in mind I decided to try and conceive my own slasher piece. Thankfully, I ended up landing on an idea very close to a slasher film that not only seemed resolutely commercial, but was also something I really cared about and wanted desperately to make. So... that's what I've been doing recently and will keep doing over the next month or two – finishing that screenplay, with an eye to making the film independently afterwards. You heard it here first and, if you do want to know more, then drop me a line.

Anyway, enough about me, let's get back to prejudging H2. The comments section awaits.

Today's episode of Argue the Toss was brought to you by the letter H and the number 2. Tune in next time for more of the same.